Injection Moulding Machine Control Systems

  • Thursday, 31 March 2022
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Injection Moulding Machine Control Systems

One of the decisive success factors in injection moulding is a low reject rate. Ambient conditions and material properties may vary during the process, and can impact the quality of the components. Detecting these variations early can improve the process, resulting in higher process efficiency. Sensors can detect component quality and alert the machine operator. This information can help the machine perform more efficiently. These systems can also prevent the production of defective components by preventing overfill.

Injection moulding machines can benefit from control systems that have been designed with energy efficiency in mind. For instance, the Arburg Control EnergyAssist knows when production is scheduled to start and end. This intelligent system automatically adjusts the heating and deactivation of the mould based on the programmed time. The Arburg Control ScrewPilot ensures that the mould is filled in a stable manner, with no excessive play in the screw. The Control PressurePilot helps the machine avoid burrs by regulating the screw position. The ReferencePilot can also control the holding pressure curve of the mould in real time.

The latest generation of Arburg injection moulding machine control systems has a centralized platform that connects all the devices together. This system enables the user to monitor different processes and machine parameters. The Arburg Control Systems feature a networkable, touch-sensitive interface. It also provides enhanced functionality and flexibility. The Gestica injection moulding machine control system comes with a warranty of 12 months. These are some of the key advantages of using a Gestica injection moulding machine control system.

The intelligent assistant systems can be integrated into the machine control and provide data on which processes are most important. The intelligent assistant system can also be installed in the mould to provide data on the quality of the products. The machine can be programmed to enter pre-set values for the starting position, speed profile, and switchover point for the screw movement. After the set-points have been entered, the injection controller calculates and fulfils them.

This new control system provides better results and lower energy consumption, and has the potential to integrate with customer production flows. Moreover, it allows the machine to be controlled remotely. With a new generation of Meccanostampi injection moulding machines, the control system is equipped with sensors that simulate the injection flow of the moulds. The latest sensors in the machines allow for remote access, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and increasing productivity.

The latest versions of the injection moulding machine control systems include the energy-assist system and the aXw control retrofit package. These control systems provide improved machine control and productivity. They also enable the machine to network with other machines. The service includes all required adjustments on the machine. In addition to these, all controllers from the manufacturer are supplied with a 12-month warranty. Further, they can be customized to fit individual requirements.

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