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BUEN Machinery company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production of plastic injection molding machines.The headquarters are based in the beautiful Beilun district of Ningbo. Since its inception, the company always adheres to the operating principle of talent-based, integrity. With the great cooperation of staff, it combines the foreign advanced information technology, management methods and business experience to provide a full range of solutions. Our injection molding machines are mainly sold to South America ,Middle East ,Africa and South East Asia. Product design is the integration of science and technology, the edge of culture and the arts...

Categories and Products

Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

Energy saving horizontal injection machine 170ton Efficient servo motor injection machine 110ton 140ton injection molding machine servo motor Servo motor injection molding machine 220ton 270ton servo system injection molding machine 300ton injection molding machine servo motor BUEN 330ton servo injection machine for basins Injection molding machine servo motor 380ton 470ton injection servo motor machine for crates 560ton plastic small chair injection machine Servo motor injection molding machine 680ton Servo system injection molding machine 730ton Servo motor 900ton injection molding machine Servo motor 1180ton injection molding machine 110ton high performance servo motor injection machine High performance servo motor injection machine 110ton Injection molding machine BN-140S energy saving Servo motor injection molding machine 220T Servo saving horizontal injection machine 170ton 270ton servo saving injection molding machine 

Fixed Pump Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine fixed pump 110ton High quality injection moulding machine 140ton Automatic injection molding machine 170ton Basket injection molding machine fixed pump 220ton Fork spoon injection molding machine 270ton Plastic injection molding machine for caps 300ton 380ton Injection molding machine for containers Crate injection molding machine 470ton Baby chair injection molding machine 560ton Plastic injection molding machine 680ton Injection molding machine for basins 330ton 730ton Fixed pump injection molding machine Large capacity injection molding machine 900ton Laundry basket injection molding machine 1180ton Nylon cable tie injection molding machine Injection moulding machine 140ton Fixed pump Fixed pump injection molding machine 170ton Fixed pump injection molding machine 220ton Fixed pump injection molding machine 270ton 300ton Plastic injection molding machine for caps 

Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine

Variable pump injection molding machine 140ton injection molding machine variable pump 170ton injection molding machine variable pump 220ton injection molding machine variable pump 270ton injection molding machine variable pump 300ton injection molding machine variable pump 330ton injection molding machine variable pump 380ton injection molding machine variable pump 470ton injection molding machine variable pump 560ton injection molding machine variable pump 680ton injection molding machine variable pump 730ton injection molding machine variable pump 900ton injection molding machine variable pump 1180ton injection molding machine variable pump 110ton Variable pump injection molding machine 140ton variable pump injection molding machine 170ton variable pump injection molding machine 110ton Variable pump plastic ​injection machine 140ton hydraulic injection machine variable pump 170ton variable pump injection machine 

PET Injection Molding Machine

Water PET bottle injection molding machine PET injection molding machine PET preform servo injection molding machine jar preform injection molding machine 220ton PET beverage injection molding machine oil bottle pet preform injection molding machine Cosmetic pet preform injection moulding machine Preform Making Machine Injection Mould Machine BN 220ton PET servo motor injection machine 

PVC Pipe Injection Molding Machine

Great PVC pipe injection molding machine PVC fitting injection molding machine PVC pipe good quality injection molding machine Excellent PVC pipe injection molding machine 

High Speed Injection Molding Machine

High speed injection molding machine 220ton High speed injection molding machine 270ton High speed injection molding machine 300ton High speed injection molding machine Thin thickness injection molding machine Fast speed injection molding machine Thin wall container injection molding machine Fast speed injection molding machine 680ton High Speed Injection Molding Machine 730ton High Speed Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine High speed thin wall container injection molding High speed injection molding machine for spoon High speed injection molding machine for caps 

PPR Injection Molding Machine

PPR pipe injection molding machine PPR fitting injection molding machine PPR fitting injection machine for water pipe PPR fitting injection molding machine servo motor 

Bakelite Injection Molding Machine

Bakelite injection molding machine 110ton bakelite handle products injection molding machine Automatic bakelite injection molding machine Professional Bakelite Handle Injection Machine Bakelite Injection Molding Plastic Machine 300ton 

Auxiliary Equipments

Plastic crusher for the injection molding machine Plastic vertical color mixer Plastic autoloader vacuum loaders for pellets Industrial chiller for injection factory Hopper dryer plastic scrap resin dryers Industrial conveyor belt for injection machine Honeycomb dehumidifier industrial for injection Industrial cabinet dryer for injection Metering screw dosers for injection machine Screw type industrial chiller for injection Water mold temperature controller Low Speed Crusher Industrial Use Idustrial use medium speed crusher HGM 200 medium speed crusher Good quality HFS edge crusher HNS plastic granulator different capacity HZS high performance granulator HZSH heavy duty granulator good quality Excellent HSP pipe material granulator Effective plastic HTS barrel granulator 

Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion blow molding machine KS75 Double station Extrusion blow molding machine KS60D Extrusion blow molding machine KS70FS Blow molding machine PP PE bottles making machine 2L Blow molding machine For PVC Bottle 5L Oil Bottle Toggle Plastic Blow Molding Machine multilayer blow moulding machine double station blow molding machine plastic blow molding machine PVC extrusion blow molding machine HDPE bottle blow molding machine Max.5L HDPE blow molding machine Max.5L toggle Automatic extrusion blow molding machine Max 2L Automatic extrusion blow molding machine Max 5L 2L bottle HDPE blow molding machine KS60 1 Gallon HDPE blow molding machine KS75 Single station toggle blow molding machine 

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